Team Tiny House


Inspire Gen Z towards sustainable and affordable housing by building tiny houses on wheels and displaying it in the community.

Our Vision is a world where everyone has access to sustainable and affordable housing



Our team consists of 20 Thomas Jefferson High School students who dream of asustainable future for the planet.



We research, design, and construct our tiny house on wheels will be an outdoor exhibit at the upcoming Northern Virginia Science Center, set to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. In addition, we will publish a comprehensive How To Guide for others to follow.



Our outcome is to see our community be educated about sustainable living. Additionally, we want our community to adopt environmentally friendly housing practices.

Target Audience

Our fully functioning tiny house will be located in one place for ¾ of the year, open as a walk-in exhibit for families and children. The other ¼ of the year our tiny house will be moved throughout the community - visiting schools, festivals, and events.

Our Tiny House Model

Our Approach



Summer 2023 With our newly acquired nonprofit status, we will spend the rest of the Summer fundraising so we can build in the Fall. We have an extensive fundraising plan involving the entire team with all hands on deck to reach our goals. By the end of the school year, we aim to have a trailer and initial lumber to frame the house. Additionally, we would like to continue to raise $40,000 throughout the school year to finish the tiny house. If you’re interested in helping us fulfill our mission, check out the donate page!



Fall 2023 With a newly acquired trailer at the beginning of Fall, we plan to modify our design to fit on the new trailer. The general design and layout of the tiny house will most likely remain the same, but final dimensions and material counts will need adjustments. During this time, we will also make a construction timeline to efficiently work throughout the year.



Fall 2023 During the Fall, we will build our tiny house. Working around rainy days, we are planning to work at a fast pace to make good progress before the start of the school year. We will frame the walls, mount a roof, add siding and sealant for waterproofing, install wiring and plumbing, finish the interior walls and flooring, and finally add furniture and museum plaques.



Winter 2023 Our long term goal is to make detailed tiny house guides for others to easily build an affordable home. As we’re building, we plan to post updates and our immediate findings to our website, but this will be unplanned and mainly for our reference. Towards the end of tiny house construction, we will make official TTH guides for the general public to easily follow. The guides will most likely be a combination of written findings and video tutorials. Additionally, the guides will be made open free to the public.

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